Monthly Income Scheme
Scheme Name Tenure(In Months) Rate of Interest Invest Amount Monthly Interest
OMIS-1 12 6.50% 100000 538.76
OMIS-2 24 7.25% 100000 600.55
OMIS-3 36 7.75% 100000 641.71
OMIS-4 48 8.25% 100000 682.83
OMIS-5 60 8.75% 100000 723.91
Terms and Conditions
  • Minimum MIS would be of Rs. 10000/- and further in multiple of Rs.1000/-.
  • No TDS Deducted on interest paid by ODI Nidhi India Ltd on Deposits.
  • Loan available against Deposit up to 75% of deposited amount after one month from the date of deposit.
  • Rate of interest on loan against Deposit would be 5% higher than applicable rate of interest to your Deposit.

  • Payment before maturity not allowed for 90 days deposit scheme and Payment before Maturity allowed to other MIS plans, in this case the Calculation of interest on pre- mature payment will be applicable as per savings a/c's rate of interest and already paid interest amount will be deducted from the principal amount.